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Wednesday, April 6, 2016

Fresh Off the Boat - Lost in Translation

Me: You know what show I saw on the plane that was pretty funny - Fresh off the Boat. Can you find it (online) so I can watch more episodes?

Hubby: Sure.

Me: How's it going?

Him: (Confused face)
Uhh, Fresh off the water?

Me: (Laughing. Laughing so, so hard)
Fresh off the boat. Babe, do you know what that means?
"Fresh off the boat." As in, just off the boat. It's an American expression for new immigrants - like they just got off the boat that brought them over.
Get it?*

Hubby: Yeah.
(long pause)
So, Mexicans come to the US on boats then?

Me: (More laughing. So much more laughing)
Uh, no. Not that I know of.**

* we later talked about how and when the term can be used without being derogatory.

** This lead to a nice discussion of the slur "wetback" - used (by some racists) for Mexican immigrants.

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