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Sunday, December 28, 2014

Sultan Ahmet Camii a.k.a. the Blue Mosque

This amazing work of Art is a place of worship and a major tourist destination in Istanbul. Built from 1609 -1616 incorporates Islamic architecture with Byzantine Christian elements and sits  only a few hundred meters from the Aya Sofaya.
Truly, pictures tell the story of this stunning space, so I will spare from too much of my commentary.

This was the first mosque I have ever entered and I went back the next day because I was so enchanted by it. The Art and architecture, which speak for themselves, but also the carpets and feeling of quiet comfort I felt brought me back.

120 film 

Quiet comfort is a strange thing to feel here as it is quite crowded inside. The Mosque closes for prayers but generally has a long que outside. There are many tourists inside taking pictures and carrying their smelly shoes around. This, however, did not dampen my experience. Before entering one is confronted with a sign depicting what is and is not acceptable dress and behavior for the mosque. Men and women should dress modestly (no shorts or tank tops) and for women this means covering their head. Also, NO KISSING. This is the worst (best) silhouette I have ever seen in a no symbol. It is also the only one using text as well. Perhaps they know it is hard to understand.
Below, you can see me with my head covered, as you can see my hair is visible. Entrance is free and scarves are provided for the immodestly unprepared. This is an absolute MUST SEE. Do not miss out and please use the bag provided for your stinky shoes and do everyone a favor.

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